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Fee: $400 for the six-week program. Groups are held at:

Pathways Transition
Programs, Inc
120 East Trinity Place
Decatur, Ga 30030

Please call Dr. Jain at
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FULL CIRCLE is an innovative program that brings together knowledge and practices which empower women to understand and manage their own response to stress. We know that stress is a fact of life. It is also a fact that women tend to neglect their own needs. Physical and mental health problems thrive under stress. Rising rates of depression, anxiety, obesity, heart disease... this is what stress is doing to us.

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live?

FULL CIRCLE invites women to come together in a warm, supportive and fun space to spend a few hours learning, practicing and sharing. Take charge of your own wellbeing. Take what you learn home and help your family.

You will learn:

• the physiology and psychology of women and stress
• how stress affects your nervous system
• the role of hormones in your stress reactions
• the connection between emotions and stress
• the connection between food and stress
• how to restore your equilibrium and heal the damage

You will practice yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and ways to restore equilibrium "in the moment" and build your stress resistance.

1st Hour The emphasis is on relaxing deeply, connecting mind and body.

2nd Hour Deepen your understanding of mind, body, spirit; how stress impacts you; and how to add simple ideas and practices that will restore and maintain balance.

3rd Hour Guided imagery relaxation and meditation.

You will share challenges and successes with each other, exchange ideas that to expand your "library of options."

FULL CIRCLE groups are offered in 6-week blocks so that you can fully benefit from the program. You can choose:

• a morning group (Mondays 10 - 1)
• or an evening group (Thursdays 6 - 9).

Please contact Dr. Jain for starting dates for each group.